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Making Your Pedestrian Bridge Work for You High-traffic pedestrian bridge designs are the majority of manufactures prefabricated bridges. Aluminum is said to be the perfect material for a pedestrian bridge because it is extremely durable and its weight is favorable to strength ratio. There are various types of pedestrian footbridges that are not hard maintain and install, also it provides an affordable cost on transportation, installation and the long life span of the bridge. It is the right kind of bridge for remote areas because it can be quickly installed and maintained. Pedestrian bridges are good for the changing climate because of the aluminum used. Many municipalities, parks, recreational ares and universities benefit from the many pedestrian bridge design choices. Many establishes companies in the industry are expert in engineering and manufacturing these aluminum pedestrian bridges. Here are some examples of pedestrian bridge applications.
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The foot bridge become an important project when accommodating pedestrian traffic. The bridge’s feel and appearance makes your visitors up close and personal with it. The feel of the smooth and cool bridge while watching the view or the fireworks gives an additional experience to your project. Engineering teams of certain companies can help you build a bridge that matches your structural needs and your design needs. Trail Bridges Trail bridges are often light in weight so that in be easily installed in remote areas. The advantage of an aluminum bridge is its high strength to low weight ration. As a matter of fact, aluminum is better than steel when compared pound to pound. This kind of advantage allows for an easy lifting and installing for the bridges using small crews and equipments. Park Bridges Aluminum bridges are far from rusting even with just small maintenance. The smooth and cool metal will not flake off skin and fabrics that come in contact with it. These characteristics makes aluminum bridges commonly used at parks and playgrounds. To achieve your desired colorful or traditional style for your bridge, try choosing a powder coat or clad for it. The are lots of aluminum bridges made colorful and unique to match the imaginative playground ideas. Boardwalks Boardwalks can also look like wood or natural aluminum in style. The light yet strong aluminum frames will outlast a wooden frame. Boardwalk design can span 20-foot on centers, you can chop the material and cost of piling supports. There are still a lot of advantages when you use an aluminum type of bridge. It also decreases cost aside from the fact that it is durable and light weight. Also, it is easy to install and maintain perfect for all types of project. Use this aluminum type of bridge for your industrial pedestrian project.